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Cool Cat Crafts Online

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Online tools for selling + connecting.

As a small shop, Cool Cat Crafts needed a way to sell products online and connect with customers. The solution is an Etsy integrated e-commerce website designed to boost sales. Beautiful, vivid images and oodles of white space keep the focus squarely on the content and drive folks to product pages. Built using WordPress for easy content management and integration with Etsy make it a breeze to update listings and add new items to grow the shop.

website mockup on desktop

Out with the old.

The previous website needed a little TLC. It had strong points—like the simple, shop-focused navigation and bright photos. The previous branding had been more serious with desaturated teal and only a pop of bright red, but the new palette is bolder and brighter. Since the branding had been updated, the site needed a fresh new look and this proved to be a good time to revisit the overall design and add some cheekiness.

previous website previous color palette and moodboard

In with the new.

Cute. Fun. Bold. Festive.

Check out the market research, wireframes, and Axure prototype to see the evolution of the project.

moodboard for new branding and website

In addition to the website, Etsy, and retail presence, Cool Cat Crafts will connect with customers and fans through Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. While most of the social media presence will focus on behind-the-scenes peeks, shop previews for followers, and sharing related content, this campaign also includes targeted paid Facebook promotions to reach new buyers. Keeping with the cheeky brand and prominently tying in to the striking main image on the website, the viewers will immediately get a feel for the brand—and they’ll know just where to go for fresh, modern coasters.

facebook page on desktop and facebook ad on mobile device

Like what you see?

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