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Emerald City


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A Neighborhood Cafe with a Kick

Fresh, organic ingredients. Delicious, handmade treats. A bright, welcoming shop. Emerald City is your favorite neighborhood cafe...with a kick. As a full service medical and recreational marijuana dispensary specializing in enhanced baked goods, Emerald City could target the stoners or the Coachella-style marijuana chic aesthetic. But that’s not who they are. They’re your neighbors who love baking delightful treats with seasonal ingredients. And those treats just happen to pack a medicinal or recreational buzz. They'd love to share some with you, neighbor.

Emerald City logo

Catering to the aficionados and to the newly introduced, Emerald City needed a brand identity that was classy and welcoming. The choice of green is an obvious nod to the plant at the core of the business, the yellow brings sunlight and cheer, and white keeps everything airy and open. The logo harkens back to classic bakeries of yore with graceful swoops while geometric shapes keep a crisp, modern vibe.

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