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Whoa. Who's that?!

On the crowded floor of the portfolio showcase. At a busy AIGA event. On the computer screen of a harried hiring manager. In the overflowing win-a-free-burrito jar. I wanted to make people notice.

As a new designer hitting the Twin Citie's scene, I needed to grab attention and keep it. All while being authentic to who I am. So here we are. A bold palette. Humble type with a hint of the dramatic. And a punch of sass.

stickers with logo

From blah to BLAM!

In researching and rethinking the previous brand, one thing was certain. It needed more boldness. More intensity. More fun. And definitely more sass.

moodboard and initial brand direction. strategic. collaborative. sassy. My mission is to thoughtfully craft experiences that clarify complex problems and bring charm to the everyday.
preliminary logo sketches and notes preliminary logo sketches and notes

Prior Branding


Preliminary Drafts

competitor research early versions of new branding

Final Brand Elements

The familiar slab serif from the previous identity is still in play, but in a more nuanced way. The palette moved from intriguing, but demure and serious, to bright and audacious with enough navy to keep it professional. The logo moved from delicate to solid. And that swash on the Q is a thing of beauty—full stop.

final brand elements
final business card JQ banner

In today's digital world, a killer website is key. The home page blasts you with in-your-face color and leads you right to the work. The interior pages are calmer with a soothing blue gradient that fades into a white background allowing you to focus on what's important—the content.

website mockup