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Zetus Lapetus

Market Research

identity development

Web Design

Front End Development

A future to envision.

Virtual Reality technology is moving fast and Zetus Lapetus wants to get you in the game. By offering a more affordable VR headset that works with both Android and iOS, Zetus Lapetus brings virtual reality to everyday life.

Zetus Lapetus website on laptop

VR for everyone.

After diving into market research and analyzing competing product branding (below left), a few key ideas emerged. As a product aimed at opening the world of VR to everyone for more than just games, inclusivity was vital. Two directions were moodboarded (below and above). Both aimed to take VR away from the sterility of tech and make it feel more comfortable, familiar, and social while still evoking the cutting edge nature of the technology.

One kept close to the color palette common amongst competitors, but warmed it up a bit and paired it with elegant and inviting sans serif typefaces for a chic and modern vibe.

The other option is brighter with a palette that diverges boldly from the competitors. This brighter palette was paired with type that has subtle tech geometrics to ground the social party vibe in the futurism of VR and technology. The vibrant, edgier option was chosen to reach a slightly younger, slightly wilder audience.

Competitor Study


Alternate Direction

competitor research alternate moodboard direction

Final Brand Elements

brand elements

Designed and developed in collaboration with:

Erika Herrera

Kelsey Roenau

Tom Soler

Jesse Wollin

My role: market research, moodboard exploration, type and color palette selection, and web development.